I strongly recommend Gil – a young, very talented and creative artist.

 He produces high quality jewellery made with only the finest materials.

He knows  how to combine his and his costumers ideas onto unique and beautiful  pieces of jewellery.

A visit to his gallery is worthwhile!


 I am a ‘Gil Rosenberg’ costumer for a few years.

Every time I arrive to the store gil does above and beyond to understand what I’m looking for and to find the perfect jewelry for me.

Gil does it with grace and pleasantness and manage to surprise me each and every time with his innovativeness and remarkable creativity.

And most important –  every time I wear one of Gil’s work, people compliment me for my look. It always make my day!


If you happen to pass by the supermarket in Denia, you have to stop and look at a Gallery of rare beauty. It is a small jewelry Gallery and the owner are Gil and his wife Rachel. It is a joy just to look at the pieces, each jewel is unique and hand made by Gil himself

The collection is wide and variable so every one can find something they like

Pleas next time you are in Dania stop at this Gallery and you will know what I am talking about


 Xandrine Schwartz

A happy client